About Us

Eric and Andrea are from the Richmond area of Virginia and were married in 2005. They directed Petersburg Masters Commission from 2006-2008– a nine month internship for young adults, focused on discipleship, intimacy with Jesus and living out the first commandment. From 2006 until fall 2008 they served at Redemption Outreach Center, Chester , as Youth and Young Adult Pastors. In the fall of 2008 they spent a year at the Ramp Church in Hamilton Alabama under the leadership of Karen Wheaton and Damon Thompson. After a year of intense training in rural Alabama, the McBrides relocated back to their hometown in Va and spent two years serving at Crossroads Church, under Kevin McBride. They are revivalists, whose hearts burn to see young people awakened to the love of Jesus, a church operating in the sermon- on-the-mount lifestyle, and a nation turned back to God, burning brightly as they await the return of their bridegroom King Jesus. They have a heart to establish houses of prayer, that will stand day and night interceding before The Lord , in prayer and worship. Their family is on a radical pursuit of the man Jesus and they are following his lead to Kailua Hawaii, where they will oversee the youth of Hawaii and direct an internship for young adults at Life Church Kailua, under Pastor Greg and Joan Hood. Eric and Andrea have 3 children: Karis Rayne, 5, Hosanna Ruth, 2, and Judah Zion, 8 weeks.



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