New season– new blog

We decided to help keep all of our sweet family and friends updated in the process that the Lord has put us in – our journey across the sea, to Hawaii. I won’t go into the details of “why Hawaii” in this post– but there is most definately a why and God has been persistent in confirming it over and over again.

Our original plan was to be headed to Hawaii about now– but plans change and we go with the flow:) Getting our house ready to be put on the market has been the biggest thing keeping us from going. We have FINALLY seen the light at the end of the tunnel! Most all of our projects will be wrapped up this week! Everything in the house has been painted, updated and rearranged. We have hammered, put in electrical outlets, painted walls, replaced faucets, tiled floors, installed showers, changed door knobs…you name it, we have probably done it in the last 6 months!! I so wish we could pick our house up and move it to Hawaii– 2 of our kids were born while we lived here and the house is “us”. It’s like leaving a part of you behind in some strange way. Nevertheless, we move on joyfully into this next season that God has for us. Eric has been so faithful and diligent in working to get the house ready. Long days at work and long nights working here have proven to be exhausting– but he has been so focused to get it done– all the while keeping the laundry done;) here’s a couple pics;)

(One of the bathrooms- almost done!!)


Part two of our unintended delay of original plan to leave around now is our iteneration. Since we are going to Hawaii as missionaries, under Acts2day ministries, we have to raise the support we will need for one year. At this point we still need 25 people to commit $25 a month for one year to meet our goal of raising $2000 a month. This commitment will cover all of our living expenses the first year we are there. We will be living in a 3 bedroom, 800sq ft home on the church property– right beside the girls and boys dorms. Prayerfully after one year our income will be supplemented by the internship and other jobs we will have there in Hawaii. If you would like to be one of the last 25 to partner with us please use this link to give. There is also an option to set up reoccurring giving that will automatically be given each month. If you would prefer, many people have given a one time gift of $300, which is the equivalent of $25 a month for a year. However God leads you to give is an huge blessing to our family.


Since the addition of Judah to the family, our car has become extremely full. The backseat has 3 carseats with little room to even breathe. We had planned to purchase a van once in Hawaii, but after pricing them the prices there are are much higher than here– even for used vehicles. We talked about buying here, driving across the country when it’s time to go to Hawaii, and shipping the van from the west coast. Eric pulled out the iPad Friday night just to see what vans were available in our area. We only had 2 major criteria, aside from low mileage and price…lol. Our 2 request, both mainly for the kids were this: leather seats and a DVD player. Karis has been praying for a van with a movie player for several months. So in his search online a van pops up: 2001 van for $4,900 with only 85,000 miles leather seats and a DVD player. Just a side note about us: we don’t buy DVDs. Since Karis was born we have collected VHS tapes from flea markets and goodwill for one reason- they are VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO DESTROY! We only own like 5 DVD’s but probably 100 VHS tapes. LOng story short– we went yesterday to look at the van and instead of a DVD player it has a VHS player!! I never even knew there were VHS players in vehicles! God just has such a sense of humor and he cares about silly things! We traded in our trusty Buick Century and feel super blessed by this van!

We hope to be headed to Hawaii at the end of July, as Karis starts school there the first week in August. We know that God will be faithful to provide e everything that we need. Will post an update next week!

** if you would like to give monthly please use the link through acts2day but message us so we can account for you being one of the 25 left**



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